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ICL match fixing fears resurface

Match-fixing has raised its head again after it has been revealed that at least one of the Pakistani cricketers featuring in the tournament had been involved with illegal bookmakers from India. In response to this, the payments of all the Pakistani cricketers who played in the ICL have been stopped.

The news came out in some of the Pakistani newspapers – Jang and Express – that the players had been involved, and this has left some of the ICL organisers in anger. It was also reported that the player had been removed from the side pending an investigation. However, the ICL had said that they will release the payments of the rest of the players within a month. Involved in match-fixing?>

Already Mohammad Sami has come out in the open saying that about 10-15 million rupees were pending in payment. Some of the other cricketers like Hasan Raza, who had also played in the tournament have also not got their payments from the ICL and had spoken about taking legal action against the ICL board.

There has been talk about some matches being fixed in the Indian Premier League as well, and to counter these allegations, the IPL board had sought the services of the ACSU of ICC which looks into corruption and security issues.

Earlier Dinesh Mongia and Chris Cairns had been banned by the ICL on reports that they could have been involved in match-fixing.

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