Birth date 13 Jan 1977 (41 years)
Nationality Mexico Mexico
Nickname El Gallo

Jose Martin Castillo is a Mexican boxer who was born on January 13, 1977 in Mexico City. Before fighting professionally, he represented Mexico in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games in the Flyweight division. He lost to Zoltan Lunka of Germany in the opening round.

He fought against Felix Machado on March 2002. The fight was stopped due to a headbutt but it was ruled out to be unintentional. The title was given to Machado, but many thought Castillo won the match.

By December 2004, he fought the WBA champion, Alexander Muñoz of Venezuela in Laredo, Texas. Castillo won the title over Muñoz in a fairly easy victory. Many thought that Muñoz would win due to his undefeated record and strong punches, but to their surprise, Castillo used his great boxing skills which brought Muñoz down.

Three months after, he defended his title against Eric Morel in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 2005. He got his exposure due to the featured fight between Erik Morales and Manny Pacquiao which was televised on the Pay-Per-View. In the following year, Castillo and Muñoz faced each other again this time as the chief supporting match to the main event which was a rematch between Morales and Pacquiao. Muñoz was prepared this time, throwing his heavy punches and applying pressure to Castillo. However, Castillo, though increasingly tired, rallied in the last three rounds, using his specialized techniques and counter-punches, winning the split decision victory.

In July 2006, Castillo lost the title to Nobuo Nashiro in Japan. The fight resulted to a heavy bleeding from Castillo’s cuts and was stopped. He rested for almost a year due to the surgery to fix the scar tissue over his eyes. Since then, he made some unremarkable fights and is still keeping on for his comeback.