Birth date 4 Dec 1906 (Deceased, was 62 years)
Nationality Canada Canada

Albert “Frenchy” Belanger was a well-known boxer who came from the “Golden Age of Flyweights”. He defeated several famous boxing opponents during his time. Born on the 4th of December 1906, this Canadian boxer is the son of Adolphe and Louise Belanger. Their family originally came from Sackville Street but decided to settle in Toronto. Frenchy is the second eldest among seven siblings. He was considered one of the toughest boxing contenders from Cabbagetown. Often nicknamed as “Canadian Wolverine” or “Canadian Tadpole”, this young boxing talent started his professional career under the management of David Garrity.

With his notable skills, he immediately became a boxing icon in his early 20’s. During his boxing career, he was tagged as “The Champ”. After defeating Genaro in 1927, he faced Ernie Jarvis in an illustrious bout at CNE Coliseum in Toronto. At the young age of 21, he grabbed the NBA World Flyweight title when he defeated Jarvis on December 19, 1927. The epic match drew in a big crowd including prominent politicians and well-known businessmen.

In 1928, Belanger lost the title to Steve Rocco but gained it back on the succeeding year. After a misfortunate match against Izzy Schwartz, he was not able to get his momentum back. He soon decided to retire in 1930 after defending his Canadian title several times. In general, Belanger commenced in 61 boxing matches including 13 knockouts, 17 losses, 24 decisions and 7 draws. During that same year, he got married to Ivy Bertha Bracewell. The couple was blessed with two amazing children.

Frenchy was known to be a gentle and loving father. After his boxing career ended, he served as a waiter and bouncer at Winchester Hall. In addition, he founded a boxing club and became a role model for his humility.