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Coghlan and Bailey are the Best Rookies

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Something to Write Home aboutIt seemed like a battle that would go down to the wire. One was looking likely to be pipped while the other stood out in a pack of cards where all seemed almost evenly matched. For Chris Coghlan and Andrew Bailey>, the night will be a night to remember.

American League

He heard the news, wasn’t allowed to disclose it, but still chose to tell his parents. The 25-year old blazed away with 26 saves while the next best competitor in the category had 2. Elvis Andrus, of the Texas Rangers, was being considered the favourite however, Bailey went clear past him with 13 votes while Andrus just got 6.

National League

Top of the WorldChris Coghlan> lost his dad 8-years ago in a shocking road accident. “I know my dad is watching from heaven with a smile on his face,” Coghlan said. “It makes me smile outside and inside, because he was the one who instilled the work ethic in me and taught me the game.” These words were enough to sum up the inspiration behind the wonderful display the youngster had given during this season.

17 votes for the top spot meant that Coghlan was clear favourite to win the award.

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