Michael Johnson

Born Sep 13, 1967
Nationality United States United States

Michael Duane Johnson is a former sprinter from the United States. He was born on September 13, 1967 in Dallas Texas and has won a number of Olympic gold medals as well as World Championship titles. He still holds the world record of 400 m and 4 x 400 m relay. He holds the distinction of being the only athlete in the history of athletics to win both the 400 m and the 200 m events at the same Olympics tournament. He also is noted for his rather unique running style which consists of a stiff upright stance and some very short steps which contrasts the perception that lifting the knee high was important for maximum speed.

Johnson was born into a family of five children and attended Skyline High School. After high school, Johnson went on to attend Baylor University where he was first coached by Clyde Hart. He won several NCAA titles for both outdoor and indoor relays and sprints during his time in college. Even then, he was able to break school records for the best speed even in his first race.

Johnson has gathered a total of four Olympic Gold medals for 400 m sprints and 4 x 400 relays as well as one 200 m sprint. To add to his collection, he has 9 gold medals which he won at World Championships.

There was a hyped event when Donovan Bailey and Johnson raced to see who was the “world’s fastest man”. However, the competition failed to live up to the expectations of the people as Johnson stopped around the 110 mark having injured his quadriceps while on the run. Bailey then went on to win the race as well as the name.

Since his retirement, Johnson now works for BBC where he is a commentator.

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