Ernest Webb

Born Apr 25, 1874
Nationality England England

Ernest James Webb was born on the 25th of April 1874, in Great Britain. He was more commonly known as Ernest.

Ernest James was a British athlete who competed mainly in the 10 mile walk. In 1908, he competed for Great Britain in the 1908 Summer Olympics that was held in London, Great Britain. He participated at the 10 mile walk where in he won the silver medal behind a fellow, Brit George Larner. Both of them repeated this in the 3500 meter walk that gave Ernest Webb his second silver medal of the games.

Webb returned to the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden four years later wherein he was made to compete in the inaugural 10 kilometer walk and finished off with his third Olympic silver behind George Goulding.

Men’s Athletics• 1908 London - 3500 meter-walk - Silver• 1908 London - 10 mile walk - Silver• 1912 Stockholm - 10 kilometer walk - Silver

In 1904, walking first appeared and became part of the “all rounders” event. Walking in the “all rounders” was then replaced by 100-meter and 3000-meter racewalks in the year 1906. The Interim or Intercalated Games were being held by the Greeks every four years between the Olympic events. This was the only time racewalking were being held. The 3500 meter and 10 mile racewalks were the first official racewalks in the Olympics in the 1908 in London. This was the first official racewalking event in the Olympics where in Great Britain took the top five spots in the 10 mile event.

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