Cornelius Leahy

Born Apr 27, 1876
Nationality Ireland Ireland
Nickname Con

Cornelius Leahy was born on 27 April 1876 in Cregane, Charleville, Country Limerick in Ireland; he died on 18 December 1921. He was more commonly known as Con.

Leahy was an Irish athlete in high jump. One of the highlights of his career was when he and two other athletes, Peter O’Connor and John Daly, were joined for the Olympics Games in Athens, Greece by the Irish Amateur Athletic Association (IAAA) and Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) to represent Ireland in 1906. But the rules of the games were changed. The only athletes nominated by the National Olympic Committees were qualified. However, Ireland did not have any Olympic Committee so the British Olympic Council claimed the three. To make the story short, Leahy and his fellow athletes later found out that they were listed under the United Kingdom team members, and not Irish. Leahy was then involved in the protest that took place at the flag-raising ceremony during the long jump event. O’connor subsequently scaled the flagpole at the center of the field and waved the Irish flag.

• 1906 (Summer Olympic Games; Athens, Greece); high jump – gold • 1906 (Summer Olympic Games; Athens, Greece); triple jump – silver • 1908 (Olympic Games; London); high jump – silver

Leahy was actually one of the seven brothers – all of whom were sportsmen. His brother, Patrick Leahy, won and set the British high jump record in 1898. Patrick also eventually won the Olympic medals in 1900. Con Leahy’s other brother, Timothy Leahy, was also a competitive jump athlete.

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