Bob Beamon

Born Aug 29, 1946
Nationality United States United States
Nickname Bob

Robert Beamon was born in South Jamaica, Queens in New York City. He is more commonly known as Bob.

Bob Beamon was a former American track and field athlete. He was most popularly known for his world-standing record in the long jump in 1968 at the Mexico Olympics. It has remained a world record for 23 years. He started his professional career when he qualified for the Olympics four months prior to being suspended at the University of Texas at El Paso for refusing to compete against Brigham Young University. He said that the university had allegedly racist policies.

• 1968 Summer Olympics (Mexico City); long jump – gold; a record-setting 8.90 m (29 ft. 2½ in.) which remained a world record for 23 years until Mike Powell broke it in 1991.

Beamon grew up with his grandmother after his mother died of tuberculosis at the age 25. He was still 8 months old then. Later on, he found out that his mother was physically abused by his father. His father had actually threatened to kill Beamon if his mother takes him home. This was why he was then sent to his grandmother who took care of and raised him.

In his famed jump in 1968, he was not really affected when he heard announced the distance for the particular jump. However, he collapsed to his knees and placed his hands over his faced in astonishment when his coach Ralph Boston told him he broke a world record. His jump became the second longest one in the Olympic record after Mike Powell’s.

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