Albert Hill

Born Apr 24, 1889
Nationality England England
Nickname Albert

Albert George Hill was born on 24 March 1889 in Greater London, England; he died on 8 January 1969 in Ontario, Canada. He was more commonly called as Albert.

Hill started his professional career as a long distance runner where he won the British AAA championships in 1910 – by over four miles. There was little information known about him after the next few years. World War I also interrupted most athletics events in Britain in 1914.

• 1919 AAA Championships – he won the 880 yd and 1 mile event• 1920 Olympics (Antwerp, Belgium) – he won the gold for the 800m race where he beat American Earl Eby and set a national record• 1920 Olympics (Antwerp, Belgium) – he won his third Olympic medal in the 3000m race• 1920 Olympics (Antwerp, Belgium) – he completed the middle distance double by winning the 1500m race as well• 1921 AAA championships – he won the one mile event which was the last competition he joined in the span of his career

Hill almost did not make it to the 1920 Olympics in which he was considered too old to compete. He was 31 years old then. Finally, he was allowed to join. He was able to finish a “double” race then and won two gold medals. Hill ended his running career after winning the one mile event at the AAA championships in 1921. He became a coach then after retiring. One of his most noted protégé was Sydney Wooderson. After the World War II, he migrated to Canada. He died there in the year 1969.

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