Walk Over is a term in tennis, where a victory is given to a player due to the absence of another player. If the player didn’t show up, then the other player’s chance to win is forfeited. Walk Over may also happen when the other contestant has withdrawn. In other words, a walkover can be compared to “winning by default”, because no other players would contest him to get the title. Walk Over is generally used as an extension for an election for which the winner of the game has not competed against him to claim the victory.

Causes of Walkover

In tennis, if the player won’t show up in his scheduled game due to sickness or injury, his opponent will be granted a walkover, therefore he will be declared automatically as the winner. Walkover can also happen due to an administrative mistake, where the player is given a different match schedule.

If the player’s excuse is due to an injury or sickness, this can be negotiable but the player will be receiving penalties from the penalties. However, if the player’s reason is about lateness or breach of codes, then his opponent will be declared automatically winner by default.

The Difference Between Walkover and Default

A walkover can happen if the player wins without competing, that is when the tournament hasn’t received a 24-hour notification. This can usually happen during the player’s withdrawal from the tournament. On the other hand, default happens when the player suspends the match and becomes the loser of the match. Regardless of him playing the game or not, his opponent will be declared a winner by default.

Walk Over in Different Sports

In the 1908 Summer Olympics, Wyndham Halswelle earned a “walkover” for his 400m final race, when two of his opponents refused to compete in the rerun. To claim the victory, Halswell has to jog the track alone so he could claim the gold medal. In 1920, during the Summer Olympics sailing program, the Olympics are awarding 6 gold medals by walkover. The competitors decided to complete the course to claim medals, however, the 7th yacht by Francis Richards decided to walk over, yet he ended up being recognized as a gold medalist.