Net Point

Net Point is a point won or lost that is approaching the net. It is not won or lost by a tennis stroke in the baseline. There are moments in tennis that can be challenging and skills are like a passing shot. The opponent can attack the net to force the player to commit an error or hit a bad stroke. Net Point shouldn’t put a player in a panic mode. It’s a pretty tall order. How can one thrive on a net point?

Net Point for Beginner

As a beginner, one should maintain the composure and keep passes from the sideline area. By going on the net, the opponent is putting pressure and as a novice player, it is easy to get nervous. One should set up the hit shot, picking the target, making solid contact and completing the stroke. By hitting a decent pass, most likely one will win a point. A good lob can put the enemy of the net.

Net Point for Intermediate

For the intermediate player, the goal is to recognize angles and taking advantage of the other player’s mistake. One should be effective in the passing shots. The quality of how a player approaches the pass can play a huge role. Sometimes net attacks with cross-court shots can be effective. One should take advantage of this.

Net Point for the Advanced Player

One shouldn’t be afraid to hit more in the passing shot. When we are facing a skill net player, one shouldn’t be predictable. Be prepared to use several variations of the passes. This is the way to keep people off balance.

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