IPIN stands for the International Player Identification Number. All competing members of different categories are required to acquire IPIN before they are eligible to participate in any ITF tournaments. This IPIN is a unique number that will remain the same throughout the career of the player, particularly when participating in tournaments or events organized by ITF.

How to Register for IPIN?

For tennis players that wish to register for IPIN, they will need to use their ITF-registered email address. If unable to access or does not know what their ITF-registered email address, they need to contact [email protected] or [email protected] for ITF World Tennis tour professional category, [email protected] for juniors category, [email protected] for tennis, and [email protected] for wheelchair category. The following are the step by step process on how to register for IPIN:

  1. To create new IPIN account, visithttp://ipin.itftennis.com.
  2. Click “sign-up” and a new page “signup with new account” will prompt up.This page will show the steps increating the player’s ITF tennisidentity.
  3. Click “get started” and enter theemail address and click “sendverification code” to be able tocontinue with the process.
  4. A 6 digit verification code will besent to the registered emailaddress.
  5. Copy the verification code and click“verify code.”
  6. Input the password of choice.Remember this password as this willbe used going forward when loggingin.
  7. Select the preferred language. Theplayer is now able to create theirITF tennis identity. To proceed,click “create a player profile,” inorder to complete and finalize thecreation of the IPIN account.
  8. Create your player profile byentering the required details.
  9. The player will need to create apass phrase. This is a series ofwords that will be used to confirmthe identity of the player in thefuture by the ITF.
  10. After selecting the pass phrase,the player will be prompted toselect their circuit. Keep in mindthat each circuit are to beselected individually.
  11. A Player Welfare Statement will beprompted. Make sure that theguidelines mentioned in thestatement are read and understoodbefore accepting. For players thatare below 18 years old, they musthave a parent or guardian presentto complete this section.
  12. Please read the terms and conditionbefore accepting. It is importantthat the guidelines are read andunderstood to erase doubts andconfusion.
  13. After reading the terms andcondition, proceed to payment.Review the circuits listed in theIPIN account before clicking the“pay now” button. A WorldPaywebsite will pop out where paymentwill be processed.
  14. After successfully paying, theplayer will be redirected to theIPIN site and a confirmation of thecreation of IPIN will be displayed.The player will received an emailwith a link allowing the player toaccess their new IPIN account.

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