A half-court refers to the half dimension of a tennis court. A tennis court has a total measurement of 78 feet x 36 feet. For this size of the court, it is often used for double matches only. For single matches, the measurement is 78 feet x 27 feet. The half-court will be half of the mentioned measurements, depending on the type of matches that are being played.

Half Court Dimensions and Layout

A tennis player should understand the different dimensions and layout of a half court or full court. This is important if they want to stay within the box while at play and avoid a penalty, win or lose a point.

  • Baseline – The baseline is parallelto the net. This defines thefarthest boundary of the half courtor full court. It usually measures36 feet for double matches and 27feet for single matches. Any shotsbeyond this line are considered outof bounds.
  • Center Mark – This mark is around 4inches long and divides the baselinein half. It runs perpendicular tothe net. This is the area where theplayer should not cross when hittinga serve.
  • Service Line – Measuring 27 feetwide, the service line runs parallelto the net and runs halfway betweenthe net and the baseline of thehalf-court. If a player servesbeyond the service line, they areconsidered out.
  • Center Service Line – This linemeasures 42 feet long or 21 feet oneither side of the half-court. Itruns perpendicular from the net tothe service line.
  • Singles Sidelines – This line runsperpendicular to the net and is 39feet long. This sets the boundariesat the side of the court,particularly for single matches.
  • Doubles Sidelines – This line islocated a few feet outside of thesingles sidelines. It measures 39feet long and runs perpendicular tothe net. It also serves as a sideboundary for double matches.

Games Played in Half Court

The half-court is available to play with various games that utilities it’s dimensions. One of the prominent games that use half the size of the tennis court is pickleball, a paddle sport that is an assortment of tennis, ping pong, and badminton. Aside from utilizing the half-court for games, it is constantly used for tennis training. Players use half the court to improve their efficiency, especially during short court warm-up.