WCT or World Championship Tennis was a tennis championship tour that was created for male professional players. It was established in 1968 and lasted until 1990 with the creation of the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) Tour. A great number of world tournaments attached themselves to the WCT. Players were ranked according to their performance in these tournaments.

History of WCT

The World Championship Tennis was founded in 1967 by David Dixon, a New Orleans sports promoter. This was after witnessing harsh conditions of the professional circuit and poorly promoted matches of top players. He was able to bring his idea of WCT’s creation to Al Hill Jr. and Lamar Hunt who agreed to invest. With this, the WCT became the major tour for professional tennis players that were under contract in the early 1970s.

The WCT started officially with its first tournament held in Sydney in 1968. A month after, the first American WCT tournament was held in Kansas City. There was a time when it was merged with the Grand Prix circuit, but this did not last long since the merger created a lot of restrictions for WCT.

Towards the end of WCT’s reign, a settlement was made between other tennis professional organizations, including the Association of Tennis Professionals, ITF and Men’s International Professional Tennis Council. The result of this settlement merged WCT back into the Grand Prix. This happened in 1985. WCT had its last season in 1989 and on August 28, 1990, it announced its dissolution at Forest Hills during the Tournament of Champions.

Impact of WCT

With a history spanning for 20 years, WCT has created an important impact in the development of tennis commercially. It was the one that outfitted colorful uniforms to players, which was considered a radical idea at that time. WCT also institutionalize a tie-breaker system, the VASS and wasalso able to build and operate tennis clubs in Austin and Atlanta. On top of these, the championship tour was also the one that encourage spectators to cheer for the players. Before this happened, the spectators were only allowed to applaud politely. Last but not the least was the emphasis WCT placed on the prize money structures as well as incentives and special bonuses. This attracted top players to join the tour.