A tweener racket is a kind of tennis racket considered as an intermediate level racket. It is a favorite for beginners, young players and those who want to play for recreation. Tweener rackets come with a minimum head size of 98 square inches and a weight between 10 and 11.5 ounces. It also comes with a standard 27-inch length and a mid-range stiffness of 61-70.

There are three types of tennis rackets. The most famous ones are the player’s or control racket and the power racket. The tweener racket sits in between these two types.

Advantages of Using a Tweener Racket

There are many advantages in using a tweener racket. One of these is all-around usefulness. The characteristic of this type of racket provides a perfect blend of control and power, making it suitable for all-around players, including beginners. It also fits a variety of skill levels and playing styles.

Another reason why a tweener racket is advantageous is its price tag. Most tweener rackets available are priced lower than the other two types, making it the perfect racket to have for those who are in the beginning and intermediate levels.

Difference between Tweener, Control and Power Rackets

The tweener, control and power rackets are the 3 main types of tennis rackets used today. The tweener racket is heavier than the power racket, but less stiff and powerful. Its head is also less heavy and requires a moderate swing.

The control racket on the other comes with a lighter and smaller head and is more flexible. When it comes to weight, it is the heaviest among all the types, usually weighing 12 ounces or more. It also offers a natural low power, but when used with proper technique, it can generate the most power among all rackets. This type of racket is usually used by professionals and is harder to swing especially for beginners.

Last but not the least is the power racket or the game improvement racket. This is designed to help players generate more power by using a shorter and slower swing speed. It has the biggest head of all the rackets and are longer and lighter.

To sum up, it can be seen that the specifications of a tweener racket is right in between that of the control and power rackets.