Backhand Smash

A backhand smash is a term used in tennis to describe a complicated technique that only seasoned tennis players can only execute. The smash is being executed in a way with the racket above the player, and this is called a high backhand smash. Players need to execute the technique with the exact precision to return the ball at an exact angle, which caused the ball to spin. Backhand smash can be crucial because the player has to exert more power and has to be relative to the control than the usual smash.

Rod Laver is one of the most popular players of his time. He is also known for his powerful backhand smash. One of his advantages is being left-handed, that’s why his games were always unpredictable. This led him to become World Number 1 at the ATP Ranking from 1964 to 1970.

Laver’s technique to execute backhand smash is smooth, which looks like a complete anachronism as a stroke. He is also known for his variety of returns, where his opponents find it difficult to settle down.

How to Execute Backhand Smash

The most basic thing that you should master is to perfect your backhand grip. Your grip must be right and you shouldn’t settle to change the direction of your grip during the backhand execution. At the same time, you should ensure that you are not holding the racket too tightly, because it might affect your control over the shuttle. During execution, you have to catch the ball as high as you can, so you can get a deeper angle in creating a more precise stroke. Lastly, you have to earn power from your wrist so the stroke can’t be executed prematurely.

Backhand Smash as a Powerful Weapon

To effectively use this technique can be lethal to the opposing player because the return ball can be unpredictable. Ensure that you are in a position where it will perfectly determine the direction of your shots. The player has to know how he can switch from the forehand grip to the backhand while moving towards the shot.

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