Advantage Set

The term Advantage Set in professional tennis is a type of scoring system wherein a player or a team must win 6 games over their opponent. Players or teams will alternate serving and returning in every game and one should lead a 2-game advantage over the opposite player or team to be considered as the winner.

How Tennis Games are Scored

A professional tennis match is made up of two to three sets. In an advantage set scoring system, three sets are played, each of which is made up of six games. The game starts with the opposing players or teams starting with a score of zero, also known as love and goes up to 40. In total, there are only four points needed to win a game in a set, 15, 30, 40 and then game point. First to get the game point wins the game. The winner of the set goes to the player or team who wins a total of 6 games first.

Where Does Advantage Set Applies

The advantage set is no longer included in the rules under the United States Tennis Association as well as the Australian Open. However, winning 6 games with a 2 game lead over the opponent is still practiced in women’s and men’s singles game events in The Fed Cup and the French Open. This scoring system is different from the tiebreak set but is similar in terms of being one of the ways to score a set. However, in this type of scoring system, the set continues without a tiebreaker until one of the players or team leads the set by 2 games. In a 3 set game, a player or team should win 2 sets out of three first to be declared as the winner or winning team. If a player or team reaches a score of 12-12, a 7 point tie-breaker will then take place to determine the winner. Wimbledon still allows a best of three matches with the last set scored according to the advantage set system with the first two sets played as tie-break sets.

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