Radek Stepanek debuted as a professional tennis player in the year 1996. He made waves as one of the best tennis player in the Doubles circuit. In fact, he has garnered more Career Doubles titles than in the Singles circuit. To date, Radek Stepanek has a total of 12 Career Doubles titles.

Stepanek had an early tennis background, playing tennis at the age of three. Now, Stepanek holds the number 62 rank in the ATP Singles circuit. It was only recently that Stepanek ventured into the Singles circuit. His best year was in 2006 when he won his first Singles match by defeating Christophe Rochus. This improvement in his performance caused a stir among tennis enthusiasts and authorities that he was placed in the highest rank in his career, the number 8 spot on July 10, 2006.

Born 27 Nov 1978
Nationality Czech Republic Czech Republic
Nickname Steps

Stepanek is known by his fans and opponents through his serves and volleys. These are his best strategies in tennis that fans are always on the lookout for and what his opponents always prepare for in every match. Stepanek was still active early this year, playing against Andy Roddick in San Jose, California but unfortunately lost with a score of 6-4, 7-5. Before his retirement in tennis, he was able to enter the Rome masters as a semifinalist but lost in his last match with opponent Novak Djokovic.

Though he previously retired, he has been active once more, enjoying 4 career titles in singles, with 13 career titles in doubles. He has not been able to hold a Grand Slam title, but he has won third spots in the Australian Open, French Open and US Open as well as a qualifier in Wimbledon.

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