Karim Alami

Born May 24, 1973
Nationality Morocco Morocco

Karim Alami is a Moroccan tennis player who turned pro in 1990 and he retired from pro tennis in 2002. Representing his native country, he played during the qualifier for the 1992 Summer Olympics. He was defeated in the second round. He is a right-handed player and throughout his career, he has won two titles, both in 1996. His highest ranking on the ATP list was 25. He currently serves as the Tournament Director for the Qatar ExxonMobil Open. His career winnings have amounted to more than $2 Million.

Alami was born on May 24, 1973 in Casablanca, Morocco. He is 6 ft and 1 inch tall, is 85 kg heavy, and is a right-handed player. He was coached by Pablo Martin. In February 2000, he became the World No 25 for singles tennis. In doubles, his highest rank was 130, he got that rank in August of 1998.

Alami has plated in several grand slam games in his career. He finished second twice at Wimbledon, one in 1994 and another in 1999. He also finished second twice at the US Open; in 1994 and again in 2000. Alami was also a third place finisher at the Australian Open both in 1998 and in 2000. In 2001, he finished 2nd at Roland Garros.

He has won two ATP Tour Singles event, one against Nicklas Kulti in 1996 and again in Palermo, Italy in 1996 against Adrian Voinea. Alami has also finished as a runner up in four other ATP Tour events. For doubles, Alami has had one win and 3 Runners-up position. He won in 1997 when he played with Julian Alonso, they were up against Alberto Berasategui and Jordi Burillo.

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