Ivan Lendl

Born Mar 7, 1960
Nationality Czech Republic Czech Republic
Nickname Ivan the Terrible

“The game’s overachiever”, named by Tennis Magazine, Ivan Lendl, is the world’s four time no.1 professional tennis player.

Up to date, his career highlights comprise his garnering the 2001 International Tennis Hall of Fame. He also acclaimed 143 titles for singles and six titles for doubles. Over hundreds of matches played and won, his career prize already amounted to $21,262,417!

Moreover, he has won eight grand slam single titles among 19 of his participated grand slam single finals. Lendl is a record holder for male tennis players with the said achievement. He was made known in the game of tennis when he was awarded as outstanding junior player.

Tennis magazine has tagged him as one of the greatest tennis players since 1966 who even moved to be a tough competitor in the 1980’s. His other achievements include the only male player who set records for 90% match wins in four diverse years.

1985 was considered to be Lendl’s best year on tour events. In 17 tournaments, he garnered 11 single crowns. The year 1989 was also considered to be Lendl’s lucky year, beginning with his victory over Miloslav Mecir in his first Australian Open title.

His style of play is slice backhand in his early years then later in the 80’s learned his Western backhand style. Amidst the towering height, Lendl is very quick in the court and was renowned for his powerful forehand and serve. His perseverance and rigorous training led him to make a name in the world of tennis.

Ivan Lendl posts his own learning on tennis by saying, “If I don’t practice the way I should, then I won’t play the way that I know I can.”

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