Nelly Adamson-Landry

Born Dec 28, 1916
Nationality France France

Nelly Adamson-Landry, born in December 28, 1916, is a female French tennis player who ranked in the world top ten in 1946 and 1948 and reached the highest point in her career as the world’s no. 7 in 1946. She was born in Bruges, Belgium and is one of the famous French tennis players in the late 1940’s.

She married Tod Robbins in January 16, 1934 at the town hall of Villefranche. This place is one of the several communities in France that is on the French Riviera. Her husband Tod was also an expert amateur athlete besides being an American Author and emigrant. He was able to write books that is mostly horror fiction and mystery fiction. He studied in Washington and Lee University which is at the town Nelly and he got married. They have become an impressive team in mixed doubles division. Nelly Adamson is the fourth wife of Tod Robbins and both went through World War II as a couple. Robbins has been imprisoned in a German concentration camp for a long time, until such time that Robbins died and Adamson remarried afterward.

Nelly Adamson-Landry competed in the French Open with Shirley Fry from the United States in 1948, grabbing the title with a 6-2 0-6 6-0 match. However, when Nelly competed again in 1949, she was defeated by Margaret Osborne from United States with 7-5 6-2 match. She was also able to play in the finals in 1938 against Simone Mathieu from France with a 6-0 6-3 match, ended up the runner up in the said event.

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