Sue Barker

Born Apr 19, 1956
Nationality England England

Susan Barker is a former professional tennis player form Paignton, England. She was born on April 19, 1956. She was ranked third in the world’s top ten tennis players during her career as a professional tennis player.

Barker made her mark when she won in both the German Open and the French Open in 1976 against Renata Tomatova. Barker was ably tutored by her coach, Arthur Roberts. She also competed in the Australian Open, the Wimbledon, and the US Open. She won three other singles titles in 1977, and competed in the finals for the Wimbledon and the Australian Open championships. In 1978 however, Barker had an injury which slowed her down a little for that year. She however made a big comeback in 1979 when she won four singles titles which qualified her to five final championships. She qualified to two other finals in 1980, and won her last title in 1981 at the Brighton Open. Barker had her last professional match in 1984. Over her career life as a professional tennis player, she has won 15 singles titles and 16 doubles titles.

After she retired from professional tennis, she has made a career as a television presenter for sports events. She has then anchored numerous tennis events ever since, including the famous Wimbledon. In 2009, she covered the Australian Open and will be covering other prestigious tennis events as well. Barker is one of the main sports presenter at BBC Channel. She is now happily married to Lance Tankard.

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