Karen Hantze Susman

Born Dec 11, 1942
Nationality United States United States

Born in San Diego, California on December 11, 1942, Karen Hantze Susman is a world class retired tennis player who won her first championship which is the Wimbledon Junior Girls title in 1960 at age 19.

Susman has made herself quiet a name in the tennis world. She has won a lot of tournaments during her active life as a tennis player. Her career started in 1960 when she won the Wimbledon, where she again made her victory at Wimbledon in 1962 when she defeated Vera Puzejova Sulova in the finals. She later on partnered with Billie Jean King and won three Grand Slam women’s doubles titles with her in 1961 and to 1964 where they were defeated by the tandem of Court and Bowrey. They however won the U.S. Championships women’s doubles in 1964. Susman was consistently ranked in the world top ten women tennis players in 1961, 1962, and 1964, where she ranked No.4 in 1962. She was also considered the second best US player in the women’s division from 1960 through 1962.

She was one of the few decorated women tennis players in her time. She started playing tennis when she was eight years old under the famous coach, Eleanor Tennant. Since then, she has showed great talent and determination that paved her way to becoming one of the most indispensable tennis players during her time. Susman participated in the 1980 US Open which was considered her last Grand Slam singles tournament before she retired from her professional career.

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