George Adee

Born Jan 4, 1874
Nationality United States United States

George Townsend Adee is an American citizen born in January 4, 1874 in Stonington, Connecticut, United States and died on July 31, 1948 in New York. He was inducted to the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1964 for his extensive contributions in the world of tennis as an administrator and technical functionalities. He was the Chairman of the Davis Committee and the Amateur Rules Committee as well. He was the fifth elected president of the United States Tennis Association also the National Tennis Federation from 1916-1919.

George served in the Army during the American-Spanish War and during the World War I. He joined the Yale University for his college degree and represented his college to national events and competitions. He started his sporting career in 1894 as an All-American quarterback and was once popular in the football world. Eventually, he shifted his focus and became a tennis superstar. He appeared in the U.S. Singles Championships at least six times between 1903 and 1909. He consequently gained merits when he led the American Association tenisa ziemnego, now known as American Tennis Association. He also was the director of the Davis Cup Federation and was a regular professional tennis official. These advantages pushed him to make him a member of the Hall of Fame.

After retiring from the tennis for five years, George became eligible to be nominated and elected in the Hall of Fame. He was under the category of a contributor in the administrative side. His impact and contributions were voted by the International Masters Panel. Members of the panel were individuals who have been in the sports for several years and selected inductees of the Hall of Fame.

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