Russ Adams

Born Jul 30, 1930
Nationality United States United States

Born in Worcester, Massachusetts, United States on July 30, 1930, Adams Russ was recently inducted to the 2007 Hall of Fame. His major contribution to the world of tennis was his detailed documentation of its history. The legendary images and visuals in the world of tennis are indebted to skills and talents of Russ’ photography. His exemplary work behind his camera made sport stories alive and dramatic.

His well crafted photographs in the Grand Slams and other major tournaments such as Davis Cup, Fed Cup and the Olympics won him the 1955 Pulitzer Prize for Photography. His pictures were posted in at least 250 magazine covers. He is one of those few renowned photojournalists working singly but is able to embrace as many important events. He works with several newspapers, books, magazines and wire services.

Russ has gained enormous respect among his media colleagues, administrator, and professional tennis players with his professionalism, gentlemanliness, sardonic humor and integrity. He is popularly known as the “Dean” of tennis photography. He can gracefully capture the emotion, beauty, impact, strength, and power of the sport while maintaining its essence. He was one of the official photographers to the U.S. National Championships in 1967 and later on became the Liaison cum Director among all cameramen for the U.S. Open because of his well crafted performance. He was as well one of the pioneers who created and developed the universal “Code of Conduct” for photographers covering professional tennis tournaments and events all over the world. The policies were in close coordination with the Professional Tennis Council.

Russ’ masterpieces multiplied to more than 1.6 million images. This evidently became the highly important resources of tennis images.

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