Naomi Broady is a professional tennis player, who was born in Stockport, Greater Manchester. She came from a family of tennis players and her brother, Liam Broady, is currently British No. 4. Broady started playing tennis at the age of 7, and she had participated in the British Under-18 as the event’s grand champion.

Junior Career

The first time Broady competed in the junior ITF Circuit was in January 2004. 3 months after, she joined the Sutton ITF Junior, where she won a singles title. She also participated in the 2008 Wimbledon junior tournament, however, she was defeated by Noppawan Lertcheewakarn in the quarterfinals.

Height / weight 1.89 m /
Born Feb 28, 1990
Nationality United Kingdom United Kingdom

Broady also joined the Juniors Doubles, where she was partnered with Tara Moore, and both of them reached the second round of Wimbledon Doubles. A year later, she came back to the same tournament with a different partner, Jade Windley.


In September 2007, Broady and David Rice were suspended due to unprofessional behavior after their controversial post on Bebo, a social media platform. The pictures showed that they were extremely supportive of unhealthy drinking and partying lifestyle. This also led their sponsors to withdraw and their funding was also highly affected. At the same time, their Bebo pages were shut down, as she was criticized for having scandalous behavior for a 17-year-old. Her actions also prevented her to play for the national team.

Broady’s Playing Style

Broady was known for her strong tactics and big serve, which could easily dominate her opponents. She’s also an expert in one-handed backhand stroke, and because her technique also had its flaws as it can break down easily. Another noticeable tactic during rallies is how she avoids long rallies so she attempts to approach the net.

Grand Slam Result

  • 1R at 2017 Australian Open
  • 1R at 2016 French Open
  • 2R at 2014 Wimbledon Open
  • 2R at 2016 US Open

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