Taylor Dent is a former professional tennis player, who won 4 singles titles during his time. He achieved a career-high spot at World No. 21 in August 2005. Dent was born and raised in Keller, Texas, and took interest in playing tennis at an early age. Since he was 10 years old, he was watching Michael Chang play tennis on television and his father was also supportive of his passion.

Personal Life

Dent’s family background is filled with sportsmen, such as his father Phil Dent, who was once a finalist in the Australian Open. His mother is Betty Ann Grubb Stuart who also reached the US doubles finals in 1977 with her partner, Renee Richards. Even his half-brothers and cousins are also playing tennis.

Height / weight 1.88 m / 88 kg
Born 24 Apr 1981
Nationality United States United States

Taylor was also known as the “good guy” by his colleagues and opponents in tennis due to his serve and volley style of play. He became the fastest tennis player to serve with a speed of 238 km/h. At times, he and his father would play doubles and have won ATP titles in the Open Era.

What Hindered Dent to Play Tennis

Dent is widely recognized for getting the most impressive victories, as he defeated former World Number 1 Andy Roddick in the Memphis Open. He also played in the 2004 Summer Olympics until the semi-finals and was defeated by Nicolas Massu, who is an Olympic gold medalist in tennis.

In 2006, Dent wasn’t able to play competitive matches anymore due to a recurring back injury. BY the following year, he underwent surgery in hopes to go back to tennis.

His Comeback from the Back Injury

In 2008, Dent received a wildcard entry at the Carson challenger, but he lost to Cecil Mamiit during the first round. In November 2008, he successfully won against Frederic Niemeyer at the Champaign Challenger. In the third round, he has to withdraw from the match against Sam Warburg.

Tournament Results:

  • 2002, 2004, 2005 3R Australian Open
  • 2005 2R French Open
  • 2005 4R Wimbledon
  • 2005 4R US Open

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