Jannik Sinner is a talented Italian tennis player ranked No. 18 in the world by the Tennis Professionals Association (ATP). After Novak Djokovic in 2006, he became the younger quarter’s finalist at the 2020 French Open. Since 2008, he has won the Sofia open 2020, won two ATP titles, and was the newest ATP titleholder.

In the primarily German-speaking province of South Tyrol, Sinner was raised in Northern Italy. As a teen, he was working in skiing, soccer, and tennis. Sinner traveled to the Italian Riviera to work under the veteran Coach Riccardo Piatti at the age of 13 after winning the National Skiing Championship at the age of 8. Despite the modest Junior results, Sinner was one of the few players to win several ATP Challenger Tour tournaments at age 17 before competing for professional events at age 16. He went on to earn his first ATP semifinal and claimed the next-generation ATP finals in Milan, in 2019, after breaking into the top 100.

Height / weight 1.88 m /
Born 16 Aug 2001
Nationality Italy Italy
Nickname Jan the Fox

Siglinde Sinner and Johann Sinner are Jannik Sinner’s parents. Johann is a chalet chef who serves as a servant in a chalet in Val Pusteria. In addition, the young sportsman also had Marc Sinner, a brother. His sister, who works in Brunico, is very dear to him. Jannik has a very hard-working family and an excellent job ethic. He thus recognizes the importance of commitment and unique culture of work. Riccardo Piatti, world-famous tennis mentor, coaching two of the top 10 ATP players, including Novak Djokovic. Piatti congratulated Sinner for his unstinting attitude to victory, hard work, humbling, and dedication to the sport.

For his calm on-court and all-court motion, Sinner was compared with Roger Federer. Federer himself thanked Sinner for his game balance. Sinner’s power on the field is the back of two hands that it reaches with an average of 1858 shots per minute with a fifth fastest average pace of 111.2km/h, which is highly spun than any of the other players on the ATP tour. Claudio Pistolesi has admired Sinner’s great lateral movements and attributed them to Sinner’s experience in skiing. In this respect, Sinner compared to Novak Djokovic, who also gives skiing history to improve tennis.

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