Ivo Minar is the tennis player from Czechoslovakia. He finished in the 110th rank but with a successful Challenger result. He eventually earned a 31-36 match record. In 2007, he achieved titles in Busan defeating Troicki and in Freudenstadt defeating Prodon. He was a runner-up in the competition in Szczecin losing a game Roitman. When Minar was 16 years old, he won the European Juniors Championships in Klosters, Switzerland defeating Berdych. But he was teamed with Berdych in the doubles division and the duo won.

Minar was born and still lives in Prague, Czech Republic. He was born on May 21, 1984. He was first exposed to tennis as a sport, at age three. His older brother, nicknamed “Mini”, played with him most of the time especially while they were growing up.

Born 21 May 1984
Nationality Czech Republic Czech Republic

The 24 year old Minar became a professional player at age 20 and plays comfortably in his right hand. He looked up at Andre Agassi as his number one tennis player. He hoped growing up to play like Andre, which he did. When he chose to play full time in the sports he is coached by Jan Bedan, also from Czechoslovakia. He is trained at the National Centrum in Prague together with countrymen Jan Vacek and Jan Hernych. He believes he plays best on clay court.

Way back in 2004, he gathered a 24-16 record in the Challenger. Slowly he rose up to the 250th rank. This was the year that he made his ATP debut in Kitzbuhel. He defeated Blanco but lost to Gaudio. The following year became his best season. He finally reached the ATP finals and made a career high of 11-13 match wins which resulted to his number 70th position in the world of tennis.

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