Robby Ginepri was one of the greatest and most memorable breakout players in Tennis. He turned professional in the year 2001 but was already making headlines as a junior tennis player. In his junior career, Ginepri was the undefeated singles player with an astonishing record of 23 wins and 0 losses. He even finished his junior year being at the number one spot in the boys 16 and under category. Ginepri even matched up against the greatest players in tennis today such as Andy Roddick. Just at the end of his senior year in high school, Robby signed a contract with Octagon management and turned pro.

His professional career was even brighter than his junior career. His most memorable accomplishment in professional tennis was on 2005 when he was able to reach the semifinals of the ATP Masters for the first time. His efforts got him to reach the quarterfinals being pitted against players like Mariano Puerta, David Ferrer, Carlos Moya and Marat Safin. When he reached the semifinals, he lost to world number 1 Roger Federer. Robby Ginepri ended 2005 being placed at the number 15 ATP rankings – his highest singles career ranking to date.

Born Oct 7, 1982
Nationality United States United States

As 2006 and 2007 passed, Ginepri found himself falling lower and lower in the ATP rankings, reaching as low as the 132nd spot. However, the rankings are nothing compared to the hard work and effort Ginepri exerted in each and every tournament.

This year, in 2008, Ginepri would be representing tennis in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. This is a definitive moment for Ginepri and for his promising career. He has to date, 2 singles titles and 0 double titles. His Grand Slam performance helped him bag the 4th spot each time. His highest Grand Slam achievement was reaching the semifinals in the year 2005.

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    He lost to Andrew Agassi in the Semi at the US Open, not Roger Federer.