Albert Ramos-Vinolas

Born Jan 17, 1988
Nationality Spain Spain

Albert Ramos-Vinolas is a Spanish professional tennis player who was born on January 17, 1988. Ramos-Vinolas currently resides in Mataro, Spain, although he was born in Barcelona, and is coached by Jose Maria Diaz and Noe Losmozos.

Ramos-Vinolas is known for having a baseline game, which is similar to that of fellow Spaniard Rafael Nadal. He is also noted to be a counterpuncher who utilizes a heavy topspin game in order to grind his opponents down. In addition, he has a heavy topspin forehand, which is his strongest shot. It effectively moves his opponents around the court, and boasts of having an accurate first serve. It has been noted that most of Ramos-Vinolas’ success has been on clay, even reaching the quarterfinal round of the 2016 French Open.

It was in 2004 that Ramos-Vinolas turned pro, although it took him a couple of years before enjoying his first tournaments on the ATP World tour in 2010. A year later, he was able to break into the Top 100. After continued training and improvement, Ramos-Vinolas finally reached his first ATP final round, and continued the success he was enjoying.

His career hit a small speed bump in 2015 when he had some struggles with his form, although he has managed to bounce back and eventually by 2017, he broke into the Top 20.

Throughout his career so far, Ramos-Vinolas has a career record of 167 wins and 187 losses. He has 1 career title to his name, and currently ranks at No. 40 as of April 2018. However, the highest rank he reached was at No. 17, which he attained on May 2017. Ramos-Vinolas also does not have any Grand Slam titles to his name, for both singles and doubles.

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