Janko Tipsarevic started playing tennis at age six. When he was eight years old he joined the “AS” New Belgrade Tennis Club. Russian coach Roman Savochkin, worked with him closely during his club days and still has a great influence with his tennis career today.

Born on June, 22 1984 in Belgrade Serbia, his life has been documented by his grandmother who keeps a journal for her grandson. Janko is born to Pavel, a professor, and Vesna, a housewife. Both he and his younger brother, Veljko, speak Serbian, Russian, and English. Janko completed his degree in Sports Management in Belgrade. Aside from tennis, he likes roller skating, snowboarding, football and playing the electric guitar He is as well fascinated reading Nietzsche’s, Dostojevski’s and Goethe’s psychiatry books.

Born 22 Jun 1984
Nationality Serbia Serbia

The Russian player with a “beauty will save the world” tattoo inscription on his left arm grew up looking up to Aggasi and Kafelnikov. Janko turned professional at age eighteen. He prefers to play on hard court and clay. He is known to have a powerful double-handed backhand and plays with his right hand for his forehand. He was coached by Jose Perlas and Alberto Castellani, and took Tomovic Dragan as his fitness trainer since 2000.

Janko kept an outstanding junior career in the world junior rankings in 2001. He finished number 2. He also earned the Australian Open Juniors and eventually reached the quarterfinal at the Roland Garros Juniors.

Between 1999 and 2001 he had an ITF Junior career mark of 8-3 and a 25-9 Davis Cup career record with 20-8 in the singles category in twenty-one ties. He has a significant improvement in his year end career ATP ranking in 2007. After 636th position in 2001 he was number 52 for the singles category and number 463 for the doubles division last year.

Currently, Tipsarevic is ranked at No. 49 as of November 29, 2010, his highest achievement, however, was at No. 33, which he achieved in may 12, 2008. His record for singles is also at 134-137.

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