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The game of tennis is played and respected all across the world. Since its origin in the 1800s the game rapidly became popular among the people gaining a swift fame and fan following across the world. Today from the continent of America to Australia, it has made its mark everywhere. A sport played in a squared arena known as tennis court where two players or at times four are pitched against each other on opposite sides of the net with racquets hitting the ball across the court. The popularity of the game is such that several grand slams like Wimbledon, US open, French open and ATP tour is held all over the world. They are one of the most prestigious sporting events. This game is played, watched and followed by millions across the globe. As popular sport which include big bucks, glamour and fame, it attracts number of athletes towards its self who wish and choose to make a career out of it. Special training program facility is conducted today for the aspiring tennis players who want to make it big in this game. And with technological advance the training program has become more refined providing every minute details of the game. Various academies have sprung up in the recent times who offer training with cutting edge technology. They coach the new players about the techniques involved to play the winning strokes in the court. This includes exercises to understand the kind of serves to be delivered, the reaction time in which the ball has to be returned and put in a proper place in order to gain match winning points. Simulation technique is used in the current scenario where a virtual environment is present in front of the athletes so they can refine themselves before moving to the actual court. Their movement, speed and reflexes are noted down by the virtual sensors into a computer hence analyzing the performance of player and suggesting the scope of improvement if any.

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Personalized training is also on the chart so that the detailing of the game is learned in a more specific way. The coaches provide their expertise in these tennis academies about the tactics, serving methods, retaining energy during the game to avoid exhaustion and win the game with speed and agility. Physical development program is given special focus here as the stamina of the athlete is crucial to stay in the game. Special attention is given on the nutritional inputs for the players so that they can remain fit, healthy and give a pinnacle performance in the tournaments and be a champion of the future. Focus is also given on the player’s vision so that they have a best hand to eye coordination helping them to achieve the match points.

To summarize it is best said that human and technological intelligence is used extensively to create the champion players of the future so that they can dominate the court and gain a grand slam victory throughout their career.

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