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Kim Clijsters Resumes Training

Fans of Kim Clijsters will be glad to know that the Belgian player has resumed on court training despite not having any plans to compete in Roland Garros this month.

The US and Australian Open Champion suffered from multiple injuries to the shoulder, wrist and ankles since the start of the previous month which left her unable to play. Fortunately, her first training since recovery was done without any pain. Injuries to the shoulder and wrist developed from overexertion while her right ankle was injured when Clijsters wore high heels to her cousin’s wedding.

“I held a tennis racket in my hands for the first time in about five weeks. It felt good,” she said on her website Thursday,” Clijsters said in her website.

According to Clijsters, her first training session after five weeks went well, without pain or trouble. “But I didn’t put too much pressure on my ankle,” she added.

However, she is not saying for sure if participation in the upcoming French Open is in the horizon. She has already withdrawn from next week’s Italian Open, although she remains the second highest player in rankings below top-seed Caroline Wozniacki.

“It depends on a great many factors: What is the reaction to the first days of training? What if we increase the training intensity?” the Belgian champion explained. However, despite doubts about her participation in Roland Garros, Clijsters, a two-time French Open runner-up has signed up for a warm-up match in the Netherlands.

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