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Serena Back in Practice Court After Medical Scare

After a serious medical scare brought about by blood clots in her lung, Serena Williams is back on the court since her last official appearance in Wimbledon in July. Williams tweeted her first moments on the court accompanied by a photo of her wearing a neon pink bodysuit. Jill Smoler, Williams’ agent, confirmed the news.

“She was out hitting some balls today. Taking it day by day depending on how she’s feeling and was very happy to be back on the court,” Smoller told the The Associated Press.

Williams, a 13-time Grand Slam winner, has not said whether or not she might officially return to the court any time soon, but the recent news has given fans a reason to let out a sigh of relief. Both Williams’s sisters have been taking time out, Serena due to the blood clots and older sister Venus due to a recent hip injury.

Williams underwent several operations in the past year, the first two after cutting her foot on a piece of glass while inside a restaurant. The next operation was performed in October, which required her to wear a cast for 10 weeks afterwards. The blood clot in her lung was found in February, while the hematoma on her stomach was discovered sometime later. Despite all these, she still remains inside the top 10 of the WTA rankings, while older sister Venus is in the top 15.

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