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Djokovic Slams Past Nadal to Win BNP Paribas Crown

The must awaited Djokovic-Nadal showdown finally ended with the title in the hands of Novak Djokovic on Sunday. Djokovic started the first set with a couple of bad serves and it looked like the game could go either way. The match started to get interesting in the second set when Djokovic broke to lead with a 6-3. He was still standing after the five-deuce game and managed to take the set after Rafael Nadal let out an errant backhand.

The 23-year old Serb broke Nadal twice in the third set, taking the lead. He shot aces for the final points, holding serve in the fourth and six games. Djokovic ended the match with a 4-6, 6-3, 6-2 to get the title.

“I am having the best period of my life on the tennis court,” the winner said after the match. “I am playing with a lot of confidence. I’m feeling the ball well on the court. I’m very dedicated and I have a big will to win each match.“So it will not stop here,” he added.

Djokovic improves to a record of 18-0 which includes his most recent victories in Dubai and the Australian Open. He moves into the number 2 spot in the ATP tour rankings, a step up above Roger Federer whom Djokovic defeated in the semifinals. Despite the defeat Nadal remains the number 1 player with a record of 14-3, although he has yet to win an ATP title for this season.

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  • Profile image 46x46 Kreativ - about 8 years ago

    rabbit, I don't bleieve Raja ever had mono. I bleieve he had food poisoning as was originally reported and that was that. I will always maintain that the mono reporting struck me as false from the get go.Raja hasn't been out of the sport with any injuries for any considerable length of time. Raja only lost the No. 1 ranking a few weeks ago. He fell to No. 2.Raja has faced a crisis of confidence in the face of the rise of Rafael Nadal on the tour.That's all.No surgeries, no tragedies, no extended slump, no fall from grace. He hasn't been vilified by the press for having interests outside of tennis.There have been allusion to personal problems, but I haven't a clue what they might be.Raja is in his 5th consecutive US Open final and third Slam final of the year.He recently lost by a smidgen the best Wimbledon final in the Open Era.His troubles have been overstated.He's still at the top of the sport and hasn't fallen out of the spotlight.He hasn't gone anywhere.Raja is gifted. And very, very lucky. The weather always seems to work to his advantage in the late stages of Slams. And the scheduling.His semifinal had no business being scheduled first. Period.I'm not feeling a comeback from anything deep when he capitalizes on his luck and displays his gifts and wins tomorrow.So the short answer is no.