It was just like old times , American tennis legend John McEnroe beating Ivan Lendl in Australia Thursday night. This was their first fight since 1992, with McEnroe starting the match with an ace. He showed no mercy in the second game all the way to the end, winning with a score of 8-4 on the final night at Memorial Drive.

Lendl, who has not played in many tennis matches and has instead focused on golf after his retirement, was equally persistent. Both players enjoyed the standing ovation given by the faithful crowd after the match.

Both players enjoyed the number 1 spot during their heyday, and were fierce rivals in the 1980s. The long-awaited grudge match took 19 years to occur, but this seemed to be nothing for the packed crowd, which waited for the rain to stop to witness the match.

The two are expected to face off again at Madison Square Garden in New York in the next month. McEnroe, 51, expressed his eagerness for the next match.

“I know he’s going to go back and work even harder; that’s what he did in the past. But I’m looking forward to it, because I’m getting better, too.”

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