Andy Roddick faced a tough opponent in top seeded Robin Soderling before bowing in defeat on Sunday, where Soderling bagged the Brisbane International Singles title. Despite the rain pouring all throughout the match, Soderling kept his serves strong, which kept Roddick on his toes all throughout the match.

Rain blew so hard at one point during the match that the chair umpire, Fergus Murphy, had to call the players off the court after rain got inside the court through the gap in the stands and in the roof, which wet the baselines and caused Roddick to slip.

Roddick does not seem to take the loss too seriously, however, and even commended Soderling for his great play.

“He had a great week, played well today, and served too well,” Roddick said. “Every time I had a look in, he came up with one of those big serves. I am usually on this side, but today I was on the other side.”

The slip due to the wet surfaces also prompted a comment from the American, who said, “I just wanted to make sure we weren’t playing on a slippery court.”

He had earlier told Murphy that he did not want to be injured by a fall right before the Australian Open, which begins in a week.

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