Gardener Saves Tennis Tournament

When you think about financial backing, you would most likely picture autocratic businessmen in fine Italian suits, toting smooth leather cases. This time around, this is not exactly the case.

ASB Classic was barely staying alive when Graham Windross came to the rescue and gave the only international women’s tournament in New Zealand the sponsorship they badly needed. But unlike what you think, Windross does not exactly fit the mould of the usual wealthy business man.

This outdoor loving savior is indeed a gardener. He is the managing director of the wholesale nursery called “Zealandia,” and has provided 500 thousand dollars to help save the ASB Classic.

However, unlike other backers who mix pleasure with business, Windross is rather modest regarding his role in being the tournament’s savior.

“I’m sure somebody else would’ve come along if I hadn’t you know I just saw it as an opportunity the same as I’m sure Terry does and it’s amazing what he’s done for soccer and I think that’s fantastic as well so no, just pleased to be able to help.,” Windross says.

If he had not come along, changes to the women’s tour would have put the tournament at a grave risk. But because of Windross’ kind sponsorship, the Classic can now tempt top 10 players with more prize money.

Now everybody is happy. Many thanks to an unassuming and helpful gardener who simply loves tennis.

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