Morigami Denies Throwing Match-fixing Claim

After reports broke out that Japanese tennis player Akiko Morigami was asked to throw out a doubles match in the French Open to raise team mate Aiko Nakamura’s chances for the Beijing Olympics, Morigami revealed in a statement that the reports were not true. She denied receiving the instructions from a national coach and in a statement said that her comments were misunderstood by the Japanese press. “I never claimed that the coach asked me to throw out the match,” Morigami said. She went on to say, “It wasn’t Nakamura’s coach who said it. It was a different coach.”

Despite apparent confusion regarding her statements the organizers of the International Tennis Federation assured that they will dig deeper into the matter. “The ITF takes this allegation very seriously and, with the grand slams and WTA Tour, has zero tolerance for any attempt to influence the outcome of a match,” the federation said in a statement after the allegations broke out. They also revealed that they are leaving the matter in the hands of the Roland Garros referees and Grand Slam supervisors who will investigate the claim.

The International Olympic committee has denied making a statement, saying that they will wait until they get the full details of the story. Nakamura is ranked at no. 71, close to the cut off for the Beijing Olympics. Selections via the world rankings will be published on June 9.

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