Seles to be Elected into the Tennis Hall of Fame

Yugoslavian born tennis player Monica Seles will be inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in July 2009. She joins other greats like the late Robert Johnson who was instrumental in the integration of the tennis, Donald Dell who founded ATP and French Open (1972) champ Andres Gimeno.monica seles

Seles is being given a place in the Tennis Hall of Fame because of the her remarkable career. At 16, Seles was ranked World No. 1 in Tennis. At that time she was the youngest woman to have ever achieved such a feat. After that her career continued to prosper and she proceed to win several singles titles.

Aside from her powerful swings, Seles is also most known for an incident which forced her to take a 27 month hiatus from the sport that she loved. In April 1993, Seles was attacked and stabbed by a spectator who climbed out of the stands. When asked if she thought her career may have prospered better if she hadn’t been stabbed.

Her reply is. “I try not to ask myself those questions because there are really no answers to it.”

When she was forced to stop playing because of an injury to her left foot, Seles then moved on to become successful in managing other tennis player’s careers. She also became one of the founders of the Washington Legg Mason Tennis Classic.

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