Rafael Nadal Worries He Won’t be Fit Enough to Face Nick Kyrgios in Semifinals

Rafael Nadal Worries He Won’t be Fit Enough to Face Nick Kyrgios in Semifinals Photo: TT

The match with Taylor Fritz was an obviously grueling one for Rafael Nadal as the Spaniard had to battle an abdominal injury and play through the pain that was bad enough that he had to alter his service. Even his father, Sebastian, was seen urging him to quit.

“I’m worried now, honestly,” Nadal said.

“I’m going to have some more tests. In my tennis career, I’m used to having things, to holding pain, and to playing with problems. Knowing that, when I feel something like I felt here, it is because something is not going the proper way in the abdominal area.”

“Without a doubt, this was the worst day. There has been an important increase of pain and limitation.”

His discomfort looked so acute in the second set that his father was seen signing to him to leave.

“They told me I needed to retire from the match, yeah,” he said.

“But for me, it was tough to retire in the middle of the match. It wasn’t easy, even if I had that idea for such a long time. I did it a couple of times in my career, and its something that I hate to do. So I just keep trying, and that’s it.”

The match with Fritz took 4 hours and 2 minutes and did end in a win for the Spaniard 3-6, 7-5, 3-6, 7-5, 7-6.

By the end of the match, it was clear he was playing on pure adrenaline alone and had refused attempts by his trainers to intervene. “They can’t do much, honestly,” he said.

“The doctor came and gave me some anti-inflammatories and analgesics. The physio just tried to relax the muscle a little. But its difficult nothing can be fixed when you have something like this. Its not easy to leave the tournament.”

“It’s not easy to leave Wimbledon, even if the pain is hard. I wanted to finish. Well, I prefer to win. I fought. Im proud about the fighting spirit, and the way I managed to be competitive under those conditions.”

Nadal is fighting to win his potential 23 Grand Slam title and his third Wimbledon title. In addition to that, he is also looking to make a Calendar Grand Slam and also become the second man, after Rod Laver, to achieve that.

Unfortunately, with this injury, there is nagging doubt as to whether or not he will be fit enough to face Australian Nick Kyrgios in the semis.

When asked if he will be preparing for the semis, he said, “I don’t know”.

“I can’t give you a clear answer because if I do and then another thing happens, I will be a liar.”

Fritz stated that he felt devastated by the loss especially since Nadal had been physically diminished and he was still unable to defeat him. Nonetheless, he congratulated Nadal on his win.

Speaking of Nadal during the game, he said, “He was amazing.”

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