Emma Raducanu Improved World Ranking Despite Losing in Romania

Emma Raducanu Improved World Ranking Despite Losing in Romania Photo: TT
Emma Raducanu is dejected after losing a point to Marta Kostyuk at the Transylvania Open WTA tournament in Cluj, Romania, Friday, Oct. 29, 2021

Emma Raducanu has been the center of media attention since her winning at the US Open. After losing at the Indian Wells, she continued to suffer another defeat at the Transylvania Open during the quarter-final against Marta Kostyuk.

Raducanu’s ranking has drastically improved when she won the US Open, and even after her defeat at the Transylvania Open, her ranking has risen two places to Top 21. This is her new career-high ranking.

If Raducanu’s ranking continues to rise in the WTA rankings, then this will add to her status as the newest rising tennis star at the Australian Open next year. Raducanu wasn’t at all pressured even after she became an instant crowd’s favorite. She said that it will take a lot of learning experience before getting used to the fast-paced life. Since she is a new player, she’s giving herself more time to adjust.

Boris Becker was one of the people who gave life advice to Raducanu that he could fully understand Raducanu’s “stomachache” of her new life as a tennis star. Becker advises her that she just needs to be consistent in her performance. Soon enough, Raducanu will be graduating from high school and will be joining the US Open again. If she becomes a winner, then that’s another achievement for her.

As of now, Raducanu has been dealing with a lot of people’s expectations, as she was the first female tennis champion after many years in the UK. She is currently looking for a new coach to hone her skills. Becker added that fans should give her more time as she’s still finding her way.

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