Emma Raducanu's Redemption at her First Win at Transylvania Open

Emma Raducanu's Redemption at her First Win at Transylvania Open Photo: TT
Emma Raducanu celebrates after defeating Polona Hercog at the Transylvania Open WTA tournament in Cluj, Romania, Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2021

Last month, British teenager Emma Raducanu had failed to proceed to the third round in the prestigious Indian Wells.

The Indian Wells was her first major tournament after she won the championship at the US Open.

Since the Indian Wells was not meant for her, Raducanu didn’t let herself be drowned by her early loss. Instead, she thought of her loss as a learning experience. Now that she’s in her father’s home country, she felt playing for the Transylvania Open is already a huge win.

She also fought back against Slovenia’s Polona Hercog 4-6 7-5 6-1, and she is bound to move to the second round to play against Ana Bogdan. Raducanu played with the experience Hercog, and the match lasted for more than 2 hours. Even though Raducanu was on a losing streak, she still managed to win the first round.

World Number 23 is now looking forward to her new coach after she bid farewell with Andrew Richardson following her win at the US Open.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, fans were not allowed to watch the tournament, but her 88-year-old grandmother Niculina from Bucharest was present at the event. She said that she was sad because her fans weren’t there to witness the event. After all, she wanted them to be proud of her.

She also shared how mentally composed she is during the match even knowing that she wasn’t playing well. So far, it’s a big learning experience for her.

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