Paire Involved in Spitting Row
Paire Involved in Spitting Row

Benot Paire of France, the world 28, became embroiled in a row with the umpire over a disputed call on Thursday which saw him docked a point for spitting and swearing at the umpire. He then appeared to give up in his match at the ATP Argentina Open.

He was playing the world 137 Francisco Cerundolo of Argentina who was serving at the time, The Argentine served what was judged an ace by the umpire, but Paire did not agree, He pointed to the clay where he believed that the ball had landed, insisting there was a mark.

As the row escalated, he spat on the ground on the mark, and swore at the umpire, who issued him a warning and docked him a point.

With Paire still ranting the tournament referee then arrived to try and calm down the angry Frenchman.

At that point he appeared to give up. Already 5 -1 down in the third set, he produced two wild double faults, on the second one not even waiting until a ball boy had retrieved a loose ball from the court.

Paire then stomped back to the changing rooms.

The 31-year-old has a history of such incidents. He got into trouble again with the umpire after he was not allowed to challenge a call during a match with Dens Shapovalov at the Madrid Open in 2018, spitting in his direction and swearing at him,

Then later that same year at the Citi Open in the USA, he had a temper tantrum after dropping his serve during a match, smashing up three racquets at the changeover.

Last year, playing for France in the ATP Cup against Serbia in Brisbane, there was another flashpoint. After dropping the second set to Dusan Lajovic, he berated himself, spat on the ground and smashed up his racquet.

Paire though seems unrepentant after his latest incident.

After the match he took to social media to leave a post with a caption showing his career earnings to date US $8.2 million - with the words sometimes it is useful to be useless.

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