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Plans for Fans at French Open Outlined

Plans for Fans at French Open Outlined Photo: TT
French Open makes plans for fans

Organisers expect that, when the rescheduled French Open begins on September 27th, that up to 60% of the normal capacity of fans will be allowed to attend at the Roland Garros grounds in Paris.

They are planning, on the main courts, to allow groups of up to four people to sit together, with groups separated by an empty seat. On the outside courts, every alternate seat will be empty.

In addition, whilst moving around the grounds and the concourse, spectators will always be obliged to wear masks. This will be advisable when court-side, but not compulsory.

Other health and safety protocols, for players, match officials and staff, are still being developed by the French Tennis Federation (FTF).

The revised regulations mean that up to 20,000 fans a day will be in attendance for the opening days of the tournament, with 10,000 expected for the final itself, which is scheduled for October 11th. French Open tickets will be released later this month.

However, those plans could be amended if the French government changes its rules on social distancing, or, alternatively, if the health situation in the country deteriorates, and they must impose stricter measures.

In the first instance ne tickets would be made available for sale in September, In the more pessimistic case, with the numbers allowed reduced, a ballot would be held to determine which tickets would have to be cancelled, and money refunded to holders.

The French Open, which has been moved from its traditional slot of late May, will be the first Grand Slam event to be held since the global pandemic in the presence of fans. Wimbledon, which should have been well under way by now, was cancelled in April. And the US Open, which will take place before the event at Roland Garros, will be played behind closed doors.

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