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Jankovic Emerges Victorious at Porsche Grand Prix

October 5, 2008, Stuttgart, Germany – Jelena Jankovic just pocketed $100,000 for winning the Porsche Grand Prix, her third title this year. However, it’s the fact that she will replace Serena Williams as the world’s top-ranked player that Jankovic is most proud about.jelena jankovic

“I’m very proud of winning my second tournament in a row,” the 23-year old Serb said. “It wasn’t easy coming here from China and I had very tough matches against Zvonareva and Venus, but I’m thrilled to win the Porsche today.”

Jelena’s way to the top was not easy. She had to face Vera Zvonareva and Venus Williams whose matches she considered were tough ones. The final match with Nadia Petrova ended with 6-4, 6-3 score as she claimed her new title as champion of the Porsche Grand Prix.

Jelena has played against Petrova three times before but she had to admit that both of them didn’t play to their best standards on the Porsche Grand Prix final. On the other hand, Petrova, who is an eight-time champion, was expecting the Porsche Grand Prix Championship as her second title of the year. Though she fell short of her goals, she is still proud that she was able to reach the semifinals in four out of her last five tournaments. She looks forward to the remaining matches she has this season.

For Jelena, this is not the first time that she will take the world number one ranking. In fact, she held the number one spot for one week last August of this year. Now that she’s up for the number one spot again, the question remains - how long will she remain on that spot?

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