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Tennis Player Accused of Assaulting Ex-Wife

Tennis Player Accused of Assaulting Ex-Wife Photo: TT
Tennis Player Accused of Assaulting Ex-Wife

The world number 27 Nikoloz Basilashvili of Georgia, has been charged with assaulting his ex-wife, Neka.

He was accused of pulling a knife on her in front of his five year old, son, although he has denied all the allegations against him and said that he will prove his innocence in court.

He was released on bail of 100,000 Georgian lari (US $31,300) by the court in the countrys capital Tbilisi, and will appear in court on July 16th to face the charges against him. If he is found guilty, he faces up to three years in jail.

However, his parents have hit back at Neka Dorokashvili, accusing her of trying to blackmail their son, and not for the first time either. They argue that she never wished to get divorced in the first place, and that she has been causing problems ever since the pair separated.

In a previous incident, Neka had accused Basilashvili’s mother of domestic violence against her son. That too went to court but was thrown out for lack of evidence.

They also dispute her version of the events that led to the tennis player’s arrest.

Whilst she maintains that she simply went to the house to collect her son, and then was threatened with the knife, they argue that she broke in to the home of Basilashvili’s parents without permission, and then stirred up an argument for no good reason. They insist that their son is completely innocent, and that they have the evidence to back it up.

In 2018 Basilashvili became the first Georgian since Alex Metreveli to win a senior ATP title when he clinched victory at the German Open. He has since gone on to win two more titles, most recently in Hamburg last year.

Like everybody else on the ATP tour though, he has not played a competitive match since the season was halted in early march because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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