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Federer Defeats Pouille And Earns 350th Win at Grand Slam

Federer Defeats Pouille And Earns 350th Win at Grand Slam Photo: TT

Roger Federer, eight-time champion, was given a hard time earlier in his match against Lucas Pouille, 27th seed. He looked like he was about to drop the first set, but apparently a 10-minute surge was all that the Swiss legend needed.

Federer was able to grab the match fully and move on to the second week at Wimbledon for the 17th time in his career. He defeated Pouille in a 7-5, 6-2, 7-6(4) match that lasted two hours and a couple of minutes.

With his victory, Federer is now the first ever player to earn 350 victories at Grand Slam singles. In addition, in the Open Era, Federer is the first man to advance to the fourth round at Wimbledon, 17 times. He broke his tie with Jimmy Connors.

During his interview, Federer said, “I’m very happy how it’s going so far. I thought it was a good match with Lucas today… I hope it’s going to take a special performance from somebody to stop me.”

Based on Pouille’s history, he just reached one quarter-final since January. Although he came out swinging against Federer, and was able to engage in a fast-paced rally, he was not able to defeat the much seasoned Federer.

Federer even said, “I’m happy that I’m able to raise my level of play… there was a great run of games midway through the second, also after winning the first. I like seeing moments like that in a match for me.”

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