In the sport of soccer, a throw in is a way of starting off a friendly game of soccer. The throw in is a ball possession that is awarded to the other team, the team other than the one that last touched the ball. When the ball left the field, the last team that touched it is not the team that gets the throw-in, it is actually the opposite team.

Wherever the ball crossed the line is where the throw in is taken place at. Players must stand back from the person throwing the ball until the ball is actually in play, and the thrower of the ball must face the field with both feet touching the ground or the line and toss the ball in using both hands by lifting his arms above his head. As soon as the ball hits the field, the game begins.

No scoring can come from a soccer throw-in and if any players do not obey the rules and the distance, then they are in violation of the throw in which can be settled in more than one way.


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